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Peace for Change

Peace for Change

To make you conscious of the increasing cost of energy, this ambiant light turns on when you insert coins.

  • Software: Rhinoceros
  • Size: 12 x 12 in
  • Materials: Plywood and wood veneer

Removable bottom
Removable bottom

The idea is to bring awareness regarding energy consumption. Inspired by the the park meter, the concept evolved to a design with more curved edges. The tree and leaves pattern is a peaceful ornament that diffuses the light.

First concept Refined concept

First rendering
First rendering

Basic circuit
Laser cutting


The circuit and laser cut pieces were put together in a way that it's easy to take it appart.

For ten minutes of light, it costs between five and ten dollars. Of course, the money spent is accumulated at the base of the lamp as a reminder of the high cost of operation.

Shade detail Shade detail

Booklet detail

A survival guide comes with the lamp. The little booklet details all the components of the lamp. It also displays suggestions proposed for alternative uses of the different parts.

Light detail
Blue ambiance

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