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Rachel Tardif - Designer

Main concept

An Even-Changing Tesselation

Concept for a bus stop that bring awareness around climate change. Made in collaboration with Tatev Yesayan.

3rd prize winner of the CoLLaboratoire Solar Powered Bus Shelter Competition 2016

  • Software: Rhinoceros, Photoshop
  • Materials for maquette: paper

We started with the melting of the ice caps and observed how the changes they undergo over a short period of time might be invisible to us, but over a period of months and years, becomes very obvious and drastically changing our environment. As such, we designed a soft, flexible structure to always be undergoing micro-variations that people only see clearly after a few hours or days. Dependent on the orientation of the solar panels, the shelter has two configurations, and is very slowly switching from one configuration to the other, according to how much solar energy it receives. The orientation of the panels is all up to the community around the area and students.

Bus stop

Top view

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