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Tidal lamp

Tidal Lamp

Inspired by the starfish, this nightlight on using saltwater. By balancing the water inside, it allows to turn the light on and off.

  • Software: Rhinoceros
  • Size: 9 x 12 in
  • Materials: Pine, Resin, Silicon

Texture detail
Lamp on

I got inspired by the starfish, so I started my research by drawing all the parts of its body. The starfish has a water vascular system. It means that it uses saltwater to circulate inside its body to move its feet.

Research drawings

Research drawings
Research drawings

Basic circuit
First rendering

Maquette and mold

I started by creating a paper maquette and then moved on to a sturdier material to create the mold shape.

I covered the shape with silicon thick enough. Then I applied the fiber glass and forton on the outside to create the shell. Now I had the mold to cast the shade of the lamp in resin.

Fresh mold

Light detail
Blue ambiance

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